Friday, 19 March 2010

Articulated vintage charms beginning with B

Sorting through  my vintage charms beginning with B, I notice that several of them are articulated or moving. Lets take a look:

Four poster Bed charm

Here is a very rare silver charm dating from circa 1960s. This articulated charm is of a couple in a four poster bed. Beneath the bed is a leaver which can be used to sit the couple up and down. This is quite a large charm measuring about 17 mm wide

Vintage silver charm The Beatles, moving 1960s

A rare and wonderful charm from the 1960s made for a fan of The Beatles pop group. This silver charm is in the form of a beetle playing a guitar, his arms are articulated

This charm measures about 2.5 cms long and weighs about 4.5 grams

This opening charm was made by Nuvo and will date from the 1970s

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Approx Size: 1 inch long
Approx Weight:2 grams
Country of origin England

Opening Nuvo silver Bible charm with angel inside 1970s

This charm needs special mention as it is quite rare and sought after. A bible which opens and inside is a praying Angel which sites up when you open the Bible.

Bathing Hut

A cute vintage silver charm in the form of a Victorian batching hut with a lady inside. These huts were used in Victorian times to wheel the bather to the waters edge and hence preserve her modesty. How cute. This silver charm will date from circa 1970s and measures about 1.5 cms high

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